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We’re passionate about pushing the boundaries of observability innovation and setting new industry standards. We thrive on pursuing excellence and breaking new ground for our customers, including our recent introduction of New Relic AI, the industry’s first Generative AI assistant designed to democratize observability. Our dedication to delivering exceptional value and standing out from the crowd has led us to achieve another significant milestone: GigaOm has recognized us as a Leader and Fast Mover in their 2023 AIOps Radar report. GigaOm positioned New Relic near the center of the AIOps Radar, representing a high overall value to customers seeking AIOps capabilities to reduce revenue loss and increase operational efficiency.

New Relic recognized as a Leader and Out-performer in the GigaOm Radar for Cloud Observability

Within observability, AIOps has emerged as a game changer in the management and operation of complex IT environments, with engineers playing a vital role in safeguarding customer experiences and revenue streams.  New Relic is dedicated to providing data to engineers that allows them to fundamentally reshape the way they build and operate critical services so they can optimize their operations, reduce downtime, accelerate innovation, and enhance customer experiences while maintaining engineer happiness.

We’re especially thrilled that GigaOm acknowledged our AIOps for its advanced data collection, customizable dashboards, predictive capabilities, multi-cloud support, service level management, scalability, manageability & maintainability, and the ease of using our AIOps to quickly identify problems, determine root causes, and aid in remediation. Our top rankings in these key areas demonstrate our commitment to innovation and tangible value for engineers. This new distinction follows our recent recognition as a Leader and Outperformer in the GigaOm Radar for Cloud Observability, which we believe further validates the value and quality we provide to you.

Being a leader in both observability and AIOps, New Relic helps you to efficiently identify and resolve problems in your complex, distributed environments. There’s a noticeable shift away from integrating multiple “feature-focused“ solutions and toward consolidating them onto comprehensive observability platforms. Integrating a collection of tools from feature-focused vendors with a stand-alone AIOps vendor creates significant integration challenges, visibility gaps, and inefficiencies when trying to resolve urgent issues, all while driving costs up. On the other hand, some combined observability platforms have strong capabilities in some areas while only providing “good enough” functionality in others. New Relic customers do not have to settle for this compromise. Thousands of engineers like you have chosen our all-in-one observability platform because of our ability to help you collect, analyze, and troubleshoot telemetry data, and provide an integrated workflow across all of the telemetry coming from your entire stack.  This allows you to deliver world-class digital experiences while maintaining a low total cost of ownership.

We want you and all engineers to continue to choose us because you genuinely love New Relic and have confidence that we’ll continue to build on our strengths like:

  • Massively scalable data ingestion
  • Commitment to open source
  • Built-in automated remediation
  • Seamless API integration with orchestration and incident management tools
  • Observability built directly into your IDE
  • All while maintaining unmatched scalability and reliability

There’s more coming soon on New Relic AI, which will empower engineers to effectively monitor and analyze complex IT environments, making observability more accessible and actionable than ever before. We believe New Relic AI will reimagine how engineers practice observability and drive further ubiquity.

Thank you for getting us here. We are grateful for the confidence you have placed in us and for being integral to our journey. We are excited to continue to deliver for you.

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