StrongDM is the gold standard for access and auditing. Developers won’t tolerate tools that slow them down or force them to use substandard workflows.

Why StrongDM?

StrongDM is a proxy. It combines authentication, authorization, networking, and observability into a single pane of glass and it manages and audits access to databases, servers, clusters, and web apps.

The StrongDM network is comprised of a local client, gateway intermediary, and configuration layer.

Secure by design Unauthorized access is eliminated because users never see resources they don’t have permission to use.

Works for past, present, and future environments. StrongDM was designed from day one to work with any infrastructure. Whether it’s Sybase or Kubernetes, data centers or the newest cloud, it just works.

Loved by clients and admins alike. StrongDM is happily used by everyone because it gives everyone exactly what they need without getting in anyone’s way

We’re obsessed with the customer experience. Because putting people first is what we do. Every one of our support engineers is a practitioner so that we troubleshoot quickly and precisely to support you, and not just our product.

What you'll get with StrongDM

Authenticate the way you already do.

• Integrate with your identity provider to centrally manage authentication

• Automate user and group provisioning with a single source of truth

• Store credentials securely with StrongDM or use your existing secrets manager

Permissioning that actually speeds access up.

• Instantly grant and revoke granular, least-privilege access based on roles (RBAC), attributes (ABAC), or just-in-time approvals for all resources

• Onboard and offboard employees with just one click

• Temporarily approve elevated privileges for sensitive operations with Slack, Microsoft Teams, or PagerDuty

Connect any user to any resource, anywhere.

• Connect each end user or service to the exact resources they need, regardless of location

• Integrate automated access workflows into your current deployment pipeline

• Replace VPNs and bastion hosts with a secure Zero Trust network

What good is access if you can't audit it?

• Capture and record every single query and command in every session across your entire stack

• Maintain a single unified query log across all DBMSs

• Automatically stream logs into your SIEM

• Automate evidence collection for SOC 2, SOX, ISO 27001, and HIPAA audits

See StrongDM in action 👀

Webiscope is now part of Aman Group

We are happy to announce that Webiscope is now part of Aman Group. We look forward giving our customers and partners greater value with more complete solutions and outstanding service.