Improve app performance with golden signals in your IDE

The New Relic CodeStream IDE extension brings software performance into the daily practice of developers by providing a pervasive, always-on view of code-level metrics.

Why CodeStream?

CodeStream supercharges development workflows by putting collaboration tools in your IDE. It supports pull requests from GitHub, BitBucket and GitLab, issue management from Jira, Trello, Asana and 9 others, observability from New Relic One and Pixie, and provides code discussion that ties it all together, integrated with Slack, MS Teams, email, and in-editor notifications.

Understand, review, and write code faster with CodeStream. Get answers as easy as “select the code, type your question.” Save institutional knowledge where it belongs: with your source code.

See your telemetry in context.
See all the telemetry associated with the code you have open.

Quickly debug production errors.
Discover errors related to your code right in your IDE.
Simplify developer workflows.
Discuss code, track issues, and review pull requests with no context switching.
Easily collaborate across platforms.
Sync discussions between your IDE, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and email.

What you’ll get with CodeStream

Improve performance with visibility into all metrics.

View code-level metrics to really understand how everything is performing in production.

See metrics in lower environments to catch problems early.

See always-on, in-editor metrics for easy, everyday performance monitoring.

Collaborate to find and fix errors faster.

Jump from errors inbox to the relevant code in your IDE with a click.

Step through stack traces to locate problem code quickly.

Forget siloed teams and easily bring the right people into the discussion to resolve issues fast.

Manage your pull request workflow in one place.

Review pull requests with full source tree context in your IDE.

Easily view and make comments on changes using tree view of changed files.

Work more efficiently with support for GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, GitLab, and GitLab self-managed.

Collaborate right where you code.

Auto-tag the code author based on git blame info.

Tie conversation threads to code locations across branches as new code merges in.

Integrate easily with collaboration tools you already use like Slack, Teams, and email.

See CodeStream in action 👀

Webiscope is now part of Aman Group

We are happy to announce that Webiscope is now part of Aman Group. We look forward giving our customers and partners greater value with more complete solutions and outstanding service.