Rundeck is the champion of IT Operations — the unsung heroes of modern business. Rundeck’s runbook automation helps thousands of global IT Operations organizations reduce disruptive escalations and shorten what would otherwise be costly incidents. Rundeck, Inc. was founded in 2016 by the team behind the Rundeck open source project.

Why Rundeck?

Shorter Incidents and Fewer Escalations through Runbook Automation. PagerDuty has alerted you to a problem, how do you take action? Use automated Rundeck jobs to quickly diagnose and resolve incidents. Easy to set up. Works with your existing tools, script, and APIs — even your manual procedures. Expand the capabilities of those who already respond to incidents. Safely expand the number of people who are able to react to incidents by triggering automated tasks on the affected systems.

Trigger Auto-Remediation From an Incident

Automatically trigger Rundeck jobs at the start of a PagerDuty incident. Manually trigger Rundeck jobs from the PagerDuty UI at any time during an incident.

On-Demand Incident Enrichment

Use Rundeck jobs to gather information (logs, service status, performance checks, etc.) from affected systems in order to get to a resolution quicker.

Automatically Update Incident Timelines

Rundeck automatically keeps your incident timeline up-to-date. Now everyone knows what action was taken and what the result was.

What you'll get with Rundeck

Standardize task automation for any public cloud.

Define task automation that incorporates common infrastructure components as nodes, and execute steps that utilize existing scripts and commands.

Safe, delegation of self-service cloud operations.

Runbook Automation facilitates the delegation of task automation by ensuring safety and compliance with authentication, access control, and privileged access management services—and by logging every activity.

Plug into common systems and infrastructure.

Existing plugins and integrations with cloud services, infrastructure, monitoring, ticketing, automation tools, and more.

Invoke automation through your favorite operations interface.

Call automation through web GUI, CLI, APIs, or integrated applications like JIRA and ServiceNow.

High availability, self-managed deployment.

Users start using the product immediately. DevOps engineers and SREs can deliver reliable, automated processes that are highly secure and available without having to manage automation infrastructure.

Integrate with PagerDuty automation actions

Implement diagnostic and remediation jobs via Automation Actions in Runbook Automation to simplify architecture for incident response automation and seamlessly connect to production environment(s).

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We are happy to announce that Webiscope is now part of Aman Group. We look forward giving our customers and partners greater value with more complete solutions and outstanding service.