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We are passionate about Observability and digital operations. With our expertise and best of breed SaaS tools we help DevOps, SRE’s and Engineering teams shine.


Why Webiscope ?

When it comes to Digital Operations, our expertise with the best platforms, coupled with our unique methodologies & best practices that were developed over the years, help you cut the learning curve, accelerate adoption and reach operational excellence.


Whether for your web application, mobile application or infrastructure requirements, our team can help you conceptualize, design and engineer a tailor made solution that will perform and scale.


We work with your tech teams to deploy agents & instrument code that will provide real-time visibility into your complete stack, monitoring every transaction from front-end to back-end and external APIs.


Your tech stack is fluid, constantly changing and upgrading. Our team will help you control this continuous change, quickly identify & resolve issues and have quick access to any resource in your stack.

New Relic

Because software is your business.

Software is how customers engage with your business. To succeed, companies are transforming the way they think and act. When it comes to delivering for your customers today, it’s all about your software.

Your software is complex.

For most businesses, making sense of it is a big challenge. Devices, browsers, app code, 3rd parties, microservices, customer info, business metrics—it’s a lot, and it’s not showing any sign of slowing down. How do you keep up?

Analyze your software. Awesome-ize your business.

Built by people who deeply understand the challenges in running a modern software business, our SaaS Platform collects your data wherever it lives. All our products and capabilities fully integrate, giving you real-time information on every aspect of your software. So you can take action—instantly and intelligently.

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SAP® by New Relic

Centralize all your data.

Have access to your entire SAP system data in one shot, with easy navigation, and the ability to drill down into the data in a snap.

Get instant visibility.

Provide comprehensive end-to-end visibility into  accurate data for any management level, anytime.

Set up fast.

Quickly and easily leverage existing SAP data sources with a purpose-built SAP-certified data connector (not agents).

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Works with GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, GitHub Enterprise, GitLab Self-Managed, and Bitbucket Server.

Rich create pull request interface w/diff tool in your IDE.

Visualize code comments from merged-in pull requests as annotations on your source files.

Manage pull requests and conduct code reviews with full source-tree context (GitHub and GitLab only).

Use jump-to-definition, your keybindings, and code intelligence while conducting reviews.

One-click check out to branch to contribute changes or run a build.

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You can avoid downtime.

PagerDuty streamlines the entire incident response lifecycle. We organize and direct mission-critical work to the right people for the job and provide both event-driven and human-triggered automated remediation.

You get immediate value.

Unlike legacy software stacks, PagerDuty can be configured and implemented in days, not months. Analyst firm IDC reported that PagerDuty customers see an average annual benefit of $3.48M per organization, with a three-year ROI of 795%.

It works with your tool set.

With over 600 integrations, PagerDuty can easily fit into and augment any team’s ecosystem—no matter what environment or cloud.

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Trigger Auto-Remediation From an Incident

Automatically trigger Rundeck jobs at the start of a PagerDuty incident. Manually trigger Rundeck jobs from the PagerDuty UI at any time during an incident.

On-Demand Incident Enrichment

Use Rundeck jobs to gather information (logs, service status, performance checks, etc.) from affected systems in order to get to a resolution quicker.

Automatically Update Incident Timelines

Rundeck automatically keeps your incident timeline up-to-date. Now everyone knows what action was taken and what the result was.

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Secure by design.

Unauthorized access is eliminated because users never see resources they don’t have permission to use.

Works for past, present, and future environments.

StrongDM was designed from day one to work with any infrastructure. Whether it’s Sybase or Kubernetes, data centers or the newest cloud, it just works.

Loved by clients and admins alike.

StrongDM is happily used by everyone because it gives everyone exactly what they need without getting in anyone’s way

We’re obsessed with the customer experience. Because putting people first is what we do.

Every one of our support engineers is a practitioner so that we troubleshoot quickly and precisely to support you, and not just our product.

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Continuous Delivery & GitOps
Fast & secure deployments

Cloud Cost Management
Manage & optimize cloud costs

Chaos Engineering
Improve application resiliency and reduce costly downtime

Continuous Integration
Intelligent build & test

Service Reliability Management
SLO-driven software delivery

Feature Flags
Manage feature flags

Security Testing Orchestration
Shift-left application security


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Webiscope is now part of Aman Group

We are happy to announce that Webiscope is now part of Aman Group. We look forward giving our customers and partners greater value with more complete solutions and outstanding service.