Leverage the power of the world’s fastest, most reliable serverless compute platform to build and run modern apps at the edge — because speed matters. By moving your latency-sensitive workloads to the edge, get faster response times and, ultimately, better user experiences.

Why Fastly?

The future of business starts with developers.

Expectations for websites and apps are at an all-time high. If they aren’t fast, secure, and highly personalized, users take their business elsewhere. But today’s most innovative companies are thriving by meeting this challenge head on: they’re choosing Fastly and an investment in their developers.

With Fastly’s powerful edge cloud platform, developers get the tools they need to build the most groundbreaking apps — all optimized for speed, security, and scale — so businesses can effectively transform to compete in today’s markets. Together, we’re building the future of the web.

Reduce your business costs

By offloading content to Fastly, you can save on pricey bandwidth and storage costs, and reduce the burden on your servers or the central cloud.

More control, more flexibility

Accelerate your workflow by enabling teams to do more on their own, while syncing seamlessly with the tools they need to get the job done.

Enhance security and user trust

Protect your customers’ data, uphold the integrity of your brand, and give users confidence by displaying secure HTTPS sites across all your properties.

What you'll get with Fastly

Distributed Edge Network

Our modern network gives you a competitive edge, whether you’re building on our platform or delivering the content your users want to consume: you get the speed and performance needed to stay ahead of competition.

Modern POP design

Fewer, more powerful POPs are strategically located near major cloud providers and peered with Internet Exchange Points around the world so you can deliver content as close to the user as possible and win against your competitors when it comes to user experience.


Our proprietary software-defined network with built-in routing and load balancing, make your web and mobile apps highly performant and responsive. We determine the optimal routing in real-time taking into account internet congestion or content type to ensure the best user experience.

The latest protocols

Our network supports modern protocols like HTTP/3 and QUIC, providing a better digital experience for your end users by reducing web latency and delays.

Rapid traffic inspection

Massive compute power allows us to inspect network data packets as they flow through our POPs, including SSL traffic. We can quickly identify malicious code or monitor for DDoS or bot attacks. And with our fully configurable network, we can instantly protect customers by rerouting or blackholing bad traffic.

Threat monitoring

With all the traffic flowing through our POPs, we have visibility into a huge amount of activity on the Internet. We get a first look at nefarious behavior and unusual activity, which can be quickly examined by our Security Research team to create new patterns to monitor and potentially block.


We believe that security should be a core part of the software or application delivery lifecycle, not just bolted-on. Our security offerings include real-time visibility into threats and vulnerabilities, near-instant policy changes and integrations with DevOps and security toolchains for better sharing and correlation. This allows software teams to integrate security into their DevSecOps lifecycle.

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