Using Terraform to configure New Relic in the cloud

When deploying applications in the cloud, linking your application performance and availability to cloud resources is vital so you can get the right insights quickly. It helps you find and fix issues, discover and implement cloud cost savings, and make data-driven architecture decisions.

To aid you in setting up New Relic cloud integrations, we recently added an integration with Terraform.

Using Terraform to configure New Relic in the cloud

In the past, setting up these integrations could be lengthy because you needed to gather the right credentials, set up the cloud provider, and configure New Relic to retrieve the data.

Now, you can simply use our integration with Terraform. Terraform is an automation solution that will allow you to configure New Relic and hundreds of other service providers, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) quickly with a little code. Define what you want in HCL, the Terraform scripting language, and Terraform will apply your desired configuration through the New Relic APIs. You can also scale, change, and delete the configuration in minutes. This should allow you to scale your observability more quickly, change cloud configurations more rapidly, and fine-tune your setup without the overhead of manual operations.

Within the New Relic Terraform provider, there are multiple Terraform resources to set up and configure the New Relic cloud integrations. Because each cloud provider is different, we’ve presented examples so you can easily re-use to automate the configuration.

You can find the examples and configuration steps on the Terraform documentation site.

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