Easy, secrets-free IAM authentication for Google BigQuery, Cloud Storage, and Pub/Sub logging now in general availability.

Today, we are excited to announce general availability of IAM, secrets-free authentication support for our Google BigQuery, Cloud Storage, and Pub/Sub logging integrations.

IAM, secrets-free authentication support for our Google BigQuery, Cloud Storage, and Pub/Sub logging integrations

We are committed to empowering our customers with products and features that enable them to work as they want. IAM (Identity Access Management) secrets-free authentication makes configuring Google Cloud StorageBigQuery, and Pub/Sub logging endpoints simple and secure by managing temporary credentials on your behalf instead of asking you to store your service account keys with Fastly.

With this level of enterprise-grade access control, developers and operators can save costs by minimizing the time associated with user account management when configuring logging endpoints, while reducing security risks to the business.

Choosing to use our IAM secrets-free authentication has many benefits, including:

Compliance – IAM helps to understand and verify protections on your data, including who has access to it and how that access is protected – as well as the ability to quickly revoke access.

Security – IAM makes adding or removing access privileges easy without the need to edit your logging configuration by having access management in a central place.

Costs – Using IAM means you no longer need local identities for logging configurations; this makes application administration simpler and faster

Productivity – IAM centralizes and automates the identity and access management lifecycle, creating automated workflows for scenarios like a new hire or a role transition.

How to configure secrets-free IAM authentication? 

Follow our simple guide that walks you through setting up secrets free authentication.

If you are sending logs to one of our AWS logging endpoints, don’t worry, creating an AWS IAM role for Fastly logging is also available today.

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Dom Fee

Senior Manager, Product Management

Dom Fee leads Product for Observability at Fastly. Before joining Fastly, he was co-founder and product lead of ReSRC; the responsive image service Fastly acquired in 2015. When not working, he can be found cycling in the Yorkshire countryside, playing basketball with his kids, or sampling some of Leeds’ foodie hotspots.

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