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We are Webiscope.

Your New Relic solution provider here in Tel Aviv.

Having Webiscope as your local representative enables you to utilize New Relic’s suite of products to their full extent and customize it to your company’s specific requirements.

Webiscope works directly with dozens of leading tech companies in Israel, providing the best package available and local support.

For more information, please contact: sales@webiscope.com or fill out your details in the form.

Since New Relic, problems that once took us days to solve, now take us few hours and in some cases even minutes.
Shmulik, Natural Intelligance
There were days when our CEO knew about every problem before we did. Today we know to point out exactly where our problem is, in real time.
Ezi, PlayBuzz
With New Relic, we can see stats before and after every deployment. New Relic gives us an end to end solution and as such, we have a lot of power in your hands.
Shmulik, Payoneer
When we installed New Relic we discovered that our database query is insufficient and that our API is not fast enough, We were naive to think that our App was perfect.
Ami, FairFly

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